Legal structure

The research program of the Netherlands Toxicogenomics Centre has been organized based on a Consortium Agreement which defines the managerial and financial organization and deals with all matters related to Intellectual Property Rights, confidentiality, communication, etc.

Project Board

In order to achieve the NTC objectives and effectively manage the organization, the work has been structured into Work Packages and a Project Board has been established consisting of all Work Package Leaders and Vice-Leaders, as well as the Executive Director.

The Project Board is the final decision-making body, and approves all major strategic decisions, including those on the project management. The Project Board takes full responsibility for the overall project management and implementation of this research Project, and the financial, administrative, legal, ethics and knowledge management framework. These responsibilities also cover contract management and other legal issues, including dispute resolution, and IPR and other innovation and exploitation-related activities.

An international Scientific Advisory Group has been set in place which advises the Project Board on all aspects of the project, including scientific co-ordination, knowledge generation and knowledge transfer

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