Mission and ambition

It is widely believed that application of genomics-based technologies - together with the required bio-informatics - in toxicological research will revolutionize current hazard and risk assessment practices. Thus, toxicogenomics may finally provide tools for toxicity testing such that fewer animals are required and inconveniences are reduced.

The mission of the Netherlands Toxicogenomics Centre is the tactical advancement of Applied Systems Toxicology, in order to efficiently decipher the mechanistic and biological pathway drivers of toxicity that can ultimately be used to build a suite of “systems toxicology” models. These models will be the basis for the development of expertise and tools for aiding mechanistic and predictive toxicology.

NTC will advance its abilities to work collaboratively with external partners, on a consortium rather than individual member basis, in order to ensure its own efforts and access the full breadth of expertise and technology necessary to achieve sustainable success. For this purpose, NTC will also closely collaborate with NGI’s other Centres of Excellence and Technology Centres.

It is the ambition of NTC to have these genomics-based predictive models validated and framed within guidelines on chemical safety assessment protocols within 5 years, thereby also inducing that toxicogenomics is an accepted factor in toxicological risk assessment.

By aligning its research goals with governmental and industrial safety assessment imperatives, NTC will achieve its ambition of realizing a highly innovative and challenging research program which has clear relevance for society.


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