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NTC Supports Life Sciences and Health Topsector


The Netherlands Toxicogenomics Centre (NTC) submitted a Letter of Support for 3 Roadmaps in the innovation contract of the Life Sciences and Health Topsector. NTC believes that these roadmaps support the international competitive position and growth of the Topsector and the development of health solutions that improve quality of life and the affordability and productivity of healthcare.
The roadmaps of interest
1- Molecular diagnostics
2- Pharmacotherapy and
3- Enabling technologies & Infrastructure
are closely connected to the innovation activities and goals of the NTC programme.
The Netherlands Toxicogenomics Centre is an existing private-public partnership where Dutch toxicology groups working in the public domain, collaborate for already 5 years with multiple national and international industrial parties who contribute to NTC’s research programme also through matching in cash/kind. Its mission is to develop ‘omics-based alternatives for current animal models for evaluating human safety of chemical entities. The roadmaps of interest offer  good opportunities for NTC to advance its public-private partnership by further including industry, academia, regulatory authorities, and governments, as well as health foundations, health insurers, patient organizations, healthcare providers, and other stakeholders.
NTC trusts that the Dutch government also recognizes the importance of these roadmaps and thus invests in the realization of public-private partnership in this area.
More information can be found on the ZonMW website.