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NTC Final Conference "Wrapping up Phase I", 12-13 Dec, Amsterdam


Introduction to the conference

The Netherlands Toxicogenomics Centre (NTC) represents a private-public partnership consisting of 8 research institutions and 12 (inter)national companies. NTC has been initiated by the Netherlands Genomics Initiative and started its programme on “an applied systems toxicology approach to predicting chemical safety” with an emphasis on developing ‘omics-based alternatives to the current animal models for predicting human toxicity in 2008. Targeted endpoints of toxicity comprised chemical carcinogenesis, immunotoxicity, reproduction toxicity, and liver and kidney toxicity. Where this programme is now entering its final stage, we are most happy to welcome the broader toxicology community to share our major findings, and to discuss their potential socioeconomics impact also with industrial and regulatory stakeholders.

I hope to meet you on December 12-13 in Amsterdam.

Jos Kleinjans, director Netherlands Toxicogenomics Centre


The full program can be downloaded here
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